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Campos Carnes Ecológica is a traditional, third generation family business, with experience in the meat and livestock handling market. Conscious of the problems generated by a lack of information, bad consumer habits, the decrease in quality and the economic downturn among farmers, in 1999 we took the decision to return to an ecological breeding and production model. Pioneers in the sector, and always acting in a completely ethical and transparent manner, we have been dedicating all our efforts to achieving a complete range of top quality, ecologically produced meats and meat products, returning to do everything how it always should have been done.


Our aim is to guarantee the quality of a safe and healthy product, produced in a traditional way, with no allergens or food constraints, and which are suitable for any kind of consumer, as they don’t contain lactose, gluten or additives: they are as natural as those our grandmothers used to make.

In addition, we stand out for having recuperated a traditional flavour, caring for the environment, respecting farmers, protecting rural areas, bringing the production to the consumer sand, at the same time, adapting ourselves to the needs of our customers. Corporate Social Responsibility is, for our Company, in fact, a daily and global attitude of commitment, within the active contribution framework, with an attitude of commitment to the livestock, the place and the people.

In accordance with the Ecological Regulations, the animals come from properties certified as ecological, where they are raised following traditional extensive methods, respecting the natural growth of each animal. Neither their fattening nor their breeding is forced by the use of hormones; there is no indiscriminate use of antibiotics and they consume everything the land provides. Nevertheless, depending on the time of year, they may be fed additional cereals and seeds, which are 100% ecologically produced on the properties themselves. These cereals and seeds are only lightly milled, or are even left whole, to facilitate the digestive physiology of the animals.

We have certificates from the Andalusian Organic Farming Committee (CAAE), a product certification body accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Body) and a supervisory body authorized by the European Union. The official controls carried out on ecological products are subject to an additional certification that guarantees the authenticity of the product and the strict compliance with this norm. On top of this, as an additional food safety and quality guarantee, we are certified by the IFS (International featured Standards).